EZY magneetveld therapie coil The Centurion EZY system is designed for humans, but also dogs and other small pets can be treated well with it. The most commonly used form of the EZY is a coil, which can be applied to a part of the body. Due to the latest technology, the system is lighter and easier than older models and can be used wherever it is needed. With the EZY system you can choose from 4 frequencies and all settings can easily be changed. The lowest frequency is used in the acute stage and reduces pain and inflammation. Higher frequencies are for improving blood flow and metabolism. The treatment time can be adjusted by 10 minutes interval from 20 to 60 minute. Besides the coil some soft parts can be delivered with the EZY for treatment of the neck and back area.  


The latest version of the EZY is the EZY blanket. In this blanket there are 12 coils that have the same effect as the original EZY coil. But, thanks to the design in blanket shape, this EZY is very easy and comfortable to use.

Prices (exclusive 21% VAT):

EZY with coil or back pad rental € 150,- (€ 181,50 inclusive VAT) per month
Retail price € 1650,- (€ 1996,50 inclusive VAT)

EZY with neck pad rental € 125,-  (€ 151,25 inclusive VAT) per month
Retail price € 1375,- (1663,75 exclusive VAT)

EZY with blanket
Retail price € 1750,- (€ 2117,50 inclusive VAT)

User Experience

Because my dog had a painful fall, I came into contact with magnetic therapy. After every treatment I saw at first that he was very relaxed and walked a lot more smoothly. I then ended up on you site and saw that it also applies to people. At that moment I had a lot of pain in my lower back (spondylitis) and had to have painkillers detest drugs and I tought if it do no benefit, it than harms it either. I couldn't not turn in my bed at night and in the morning I had to be kind of hoisted out of bed. I started in December 2013 on the inflamation inhibiting position and it had immedeately a good effect. I expanded to what is indicated in the instructions and because my problem is chronic I treat twice a day. 1x before I go to sleep at position 2 (you can sleep like a baby) and 1x when I wake up at stand 30. Then I get out of bed almost painless and can be fresh and fruity to start the day. Previously, it took about 4 hours before I could move fairly. For everyone this is obviously different but I want to share this absolutely.What a delight! And almost no pain and no medicine! Furthermore, for anything and everything good. For example: psoriasis (unfortunately also the victim of). My wounds were initially worse, but just after a week it went a lot better soon. I must unfortunately remain on medications but is instead of 4 to 6 pills per day at I use now 2 to 3 per day. If there are questions reassure them.
Gretha Greber
No surgery needed by using magnetic field therapy. Our Labrador Milo is a very lively dog, but some time ago was struggling with pain in his left front leg. When he walked it seemed he constantly stumbled. We wait a while, but nothing changed and we decided to take a visit to the vet. We were advised to take X-rays and make that Milo should be operated on, after that putting his leg in plaster, and then there would be a long rehabilitation process to follow. This made us think, because you want the best for your faithful pet. Until we came into contact with Arja and we heard of magnetic therapy. We thought we could always give it a try. We rented a magnetic plate to see if that would work and so after about 2 months Milo went well again and he could again enjoy being crazy outside and to date he still has no problems or pain. We as dog lovers were and still are amazed at how well the magnetic plate is excited. Highly recommended for dogs! We would therefore recommend it to anyone. Our dog Milo runs since then wonderfully happy and without pain around.
hond op magneetveld plaat
Marco Noordhoek
In painful feet and knees, as in my case, hallux valgus and osteoarthritis in the feet and ligaments injury and cartilage degeneration in the knee, magnetic field therapy can bring relief to .The therapy works anti-inflammatory and therefore pain relieving. It further activates the circulation, causing me less complaints with walking.
coil om voeten
Netty van Nielen