minipulse As portable pulsed magnetic field therapy is concerned, the machine that is best known and most used is the Centurion Minipulse. Designed to fit the lower leg and the hock of a horse, but can also be used very well for (small) dogs or arms or legs of people. Elastic Velcro straps keep it in place while it sends in a pulsating magnetic field deep into the tissue. The Minipulse has 3 settings:
  • 2 hz for the acute stage of injury to reduce pain and inflammation
  • 15 hz to stimulate metabolism at cell level
  • 30 hz to improve blood flow
The minipulse is widely used with tendon injuries, both at the annexation and on the tendon itself. In addition, the Minipulse is also used for ligament injuries and fractures in the area from just above the hoof to knee joint or hock. Once you have a Minipulse, you will use it even for the smallest things. With a sprain where you at first would only cool, you now also instantly insert a Minipulse to prevent it from getting worse. It is also good to treat an once (serious) injured leg before and / or after work with a Minipulse.

Example treatment: Tendon Injuries

For treatment of tendon injuries we usually use the Minipulse. Of course treatment takes place in collaboration with the vet or physiotherapist, but generally we recommend the following: In the period that the horse should only be walked or that the horse has full box rest; the Minipulse will only be used on the state of 2 Hz to reduce the inflammation proces as much as possible. If you walk the horse, it is preferred to do the magnetic field treatment after walking. If the horse is again permitted to work lightly, it is our recommendation to use the Minipulse 15 to 20 minutes on a setting of 15 Hz, which improves circulation in the tendon before the tendon will be burden. After the work is the best to use the Minipulse again for 20 to 30 minutes at 2 Hz to calm to tendon down. When the work is further increased, the Minipulse fan be use before the work 20 to 30 minutes on the setting of 30 Hz to improve the circulation on the spot as optimally as possible. And again, also in this period the recommendation is to use the minipulse after work for 20 to 30 minutes at 2 Hz. We recommend that you treat the first 10 days twice a day. In the period that the higher settings will be used, is it very important to feel for heat before therapy is started for the day. Is there any heat in the affected area present, you must returned to the setting of 2 Hz. The best thing would be to use the minipulse throughout the rehabilitation process until the horse is back at the old level

User experience

On Monday, August 6 I went to lunge my horse Max. We were almost finished when he start to buck wildly. Suddenly he fell down and stand up again, totally confused. Crippled left front. Carrefully we wentback to the stable and lameness became less and less. I ask someone from the stables to look and there was almost nothing left to see. To be sure, I would just give him a few days of rest for his muscles. In the afternoon of the following day I noticed that he stood worse. In the evening when my daughter wanted to walk with him, he was even worse. Then I knew there was something really worng. The next morning she would go to see early and if he was still the same, then call the vet for that day. It had become even worse he did want put his foot down. We really shocked because it is a huge dibs. When the vet arrived we were very worried that we had to take him away. After examination and x-rays he was found to have a crack (fissure medial condyle) in length under his knee. Treatment plan: 3 months stall rest, analgesia and control over 4 weeks and a physiotherapist who could do magnetic therapy with him. In the stable he behaved exemplary. After four days he was back on his feet, seemed to have any pain. A physio nearby sent by mail that I could hire such a device at Magnacare. The owner of the stable came with information about magnacare. First I called about how to do it. It was so simple: within 3 days, the Minipulse arrived by post, I signed the contract and send it back. that's all. There was also a note that was made for Max: treatment 2x per day. We went straight to work. After 5 weeks the vet came back to take a x-ray. He didin't react when the place itself was palpated. The x-ray showed that the crack was already for the half filled. We could start walking! 2x a day 5 min, increased with 5 min every week up to 20min. That was partly due to the Minipulse and the fact that Max had so well behaved in the stable. A week ago it was 13 weeks ago that it happened and we walked 1x 20min. by the hand and 1x under the sadle. It was examined how he walked and troted. It was quite right. Now we going to walk 2x a day and add 5 minutes every 2 weeks, and add 5min every two weeks. If we can walked for 30 min we are going to trot tfor 5 min, adding also 5 minutes every 2 weeks. We are very pleased that it went so well and especially that we could rent the Minipulse so we could treat everyday twice a day.
Sylvia Klevering
Yesterday the tendon of Freedom was again scanned and it all looks very good. An injury which we did not expect it would be okay, we are now seeing again tissue formation ad the adhesion. And also a nice quality. I use the minipulse now almost a month and we can begin to build work now. Thanks to your advice the tendon is pretty miraculous healing. My vet was also very positive and excited when I told them I'm using the minipulse. He had himself also very good experiences with it. So we try to build and go with your advice. Thank you very much for the perfect service. This minipulse you won't see back for a while :-))
Dear Arja, I can only say that I am very, very satisfied with the service provided by you (I called and within two days I got the minipulse) and the Minipluse itself. I have Minipulse advised by DAP De Vallei and FPC de Hofstede, where my horse stood for a long time because of his injury. The results are great. The swelling on his leg is gone! Because I was already so excited, I asked you whether the minipulse would be more broadly usable. Meanwhile, I use these; yes, I was so excited that I got one purchased, also on the back of the horses that I treat with my massage work. I'm saving to buy a blanket as well. That is the next target. Thank you again for all the good service and selling this great product!
Daniëlle Sent
Hereby I would like to say that I am very pleased with the Mini Pulse. I use the Minipulse now three months every day with my horse which had a tendon injury to his front leg (which he has already suffered six months ago). Now it's going well and I'm building up the training and winding down with the Minipulse. Thanks for the friendly service!