The Neckpiece is intended for the neck of a horse, but can also be used for the back of a horse or dog or a human.

The Centurion Neckpiece is just as the Therapulse a battery operated blanket. This makes the Neckpiece very easy to use. With two Velcro straps at the frontsite the Neckpiece fits almost every horse. On each side of the neck two coils are fitted and designed to work simultaneously. The Neckpiece can also be used on the back of the horse.

The Neckpiece has 3 settings:

  • 2 hz for the acute stage of injury to reduce pain and inflammation
  • 15 hz to stimulate metabolism at cell level
  • 30 hz to improve blood flow

In addition to horses, the Neckpiece is also excellent to use for dogs. The blanket can be laid over the dog, or can be placed on the ground or in the basket after which the dog may lay in bed with a blanket.

It is used with dogs and horses with injuries, but also to prevent injuries.As a result, the Neckpiece is probably the most versatile magnetic field therapy device. Ideal for animal physiotherapists and others who want to treat both the horse and the dogs.

User experience

What I do I call body therapy for horses. I use different techniques to achieve the (best for me) proven results:
 Cranio-Sacral Therapy
 Masterson method
 Guasha (for man and horse)
 Magnetic field therapy.

So I mainly work on the head, the entire spine from head to tail and the nervous system. Since August 2018 I started using magnetic field therapy during treatment. I wanted to be able to add something extra to the treatment, something that helps the horses to deal with the treatment and the removal of waste. And it works well!
I first tried the blanket on myself; I think it is necessary to know how it feels and what it does before I try it with a horse!
It is funny that in principle you feel little to nothing of the magnetic field. Except that your muscles sometimes make a "jump" and they start to feel warm because blood circulation starts. In addition, the magnetic field activates the parasympathetic nervous system, just like my treatment: this part of the nervous system provides relaxation and recovery.
I usually use the blanket at the end of my treatment: if I have done the rest of my treatment. In some cases I take the blanket a bit earlier, but this is completely up to the situation.
In sport horses, the areas on the back are always necessary to catch up with the magnetic field: withers, backs, loins and sacrum.
I would tell owners of sport horses that a magnetic blanket is an absolute must to have in the stable! You prevent serious problems (injuries) and disappointing performance. It does not replace treatment but does contribute to the (better) performance of your horse (s) and not unimportantly: you increase the well-being of your horse (s).
The collaboration with Magnacare is going very well and in the future I hope to expand with even more products from Magnacare!

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Paula de Bruin-Voorneveld
Body therapy for horses