The Centurion Therapulse is a battery operated unit, which contains 10 coils and can be used to treat the withers, stifles, shoulders and back, all at the same time.



The blanket is constructed of a heavy cotton twill for standing up to lots of wear and tear. A power supply nearby is not necessary. A very popular model because of its ease of



use and no wires into the stalls.

The Therapulse is used both for horses with back problems and for (sport)horses. The Therapulse can be used before and after work, depending on the aimed goal. Using the Therapulse can reduce / prevent the building up of lactic acid, and therefore problems caused by overexercise can be prevented.

Recommend use of the Therapulse

Which setting is used, is depending on the type of the horse and level of training. All horses must at least begin with a habituation period of 3 days on the setting of 2Hz. Then the recommendations are as follows:

  • Tense and / or nervous horses: 2 Hz for the work. This will, in part by the release of endorphins, make the horse relax. If you are going to ride directly after treatment, you will notice that the horse’ loosen its back right away and that you can start working him easily.
  • With older horses and / or horses that had to be ridden for longer they until they are loose, we recommend the setting of 15 or 30 Hz before working. This improves circulation and makes the horse have more energy. Whether this will be 15 Hz or 30 Hz changes with every horse. 30 Hz generally gives a stronger effect, but it can sometimes be too much. In particular, in the hind legs, we see the result of the improved blood circulation.
  • Finally, it is good for all horses in heavy training or during a competition, to be treated for 30 minutes at 2Hz after work or after transportation. This helps in removing the waste products and thereby prevents stiffness the next day. The chance of any strain is so much smaller.

Simone Bruys of Bruysend paardensportmassage has tested the therapulse extensively during her work as a sport-horse masseur. The following reports were received from her:

The last month I enjoyed testing the Therapulse. At first I always did a muscle control, then the treatment with the Therapulse and Neckpiece for half an hour and after that again a muscle control.

In total we have 30 horses treated in which we notice the following:

Before the magnetic field:

Most horses have a lot of acidity in their bodies. Where the most emphasis on the top line.

Top line 14, front 10, back 6 times.

It was also clear that the entire muscle groups so more large areas that have been acidified.

After the magnetic field:

Top line 9, front 13, back 8 times.

It was also remarkable that 8 times there was a difference was between one and the other side, so on 1 side pronouncing problems emerged. There were 3 horses were / remained very nervous under the blanket.

What conclusion can you draw?

  • Acidification reduces or disappear completely
  • It focuses on the places that really have problems
  • Compensation decreases or disappears
  • Most horses are calm and relaxed during treatment

Problems caused by overtraining as the emplacement of waste products takes off very clearly.

What feeling did the horses during the sports massage therapy?

  • They were more relaxed
  • They loosen their muscles so I could work better
  • Because there is less compensation was, I could concentrate on the blocks so the effect of sports massage was increased
  • Especially around the shoulder and knee they loosen up, so the often somewhat more sensitive handles were clearly more effective, because I had less trouble to win their confident.

In short if I should summarize all these things together;

The magnetic therapy and equine massage are a perfect complement for each other because both effectuate relaxation and removal of waste products. Therefore we have more effect during the sports massage treatment!


Following the previous test, which Simone Bruys of Paardensportmassage conducted with regard to the influence of magnetic field therapy and sports massage for horses, I wanted more clarity about what could be found when a horse was treated with magnetic field therapy for a long time.

For this we took a horse that was treated several years by Simone and occasionally got magnetic therapy. It is a 7 year old KWPN gelding (v Rhodium) that starts Z1 dressage.

Before the start of the trial was the horse treated the same way by Simone there alsot ook place including a muscle control. The problem areas found, were the same as the times before; right front and right hindquarters and on both sides of the transition back to ribs (which he needs for the length bend). The emphasis of treatment with this horse is put on hold the release of right front(avoiding the storage of waste materials) so that the foreleg can move as easy as possible, resulting in a well to bring hind leg. Once he is somewhat less flexible we it directly behind. Currently, this is the case

The horse was treated for the first 2 weeks with the Therapulse and Neckpiece on the frequency of 2 Hz. This was done after work. The main objective was getting used to the magnetic field and also dispose of the waste after work.

As this horse is a bit of a ‘slow starter’, it was decided after the second week to continue the treatment before the training, the first 2 weeks at 15 Hz and then till the end of the period at 30 Hz.

In the meantime, the horse is trained on further at level Z1, wherein the training slowly was made heavier .

After a period of 8 weeks, the horse is again treated by Simone. Once again she start with a muscle check. It was already noticed that the horse was going to have a better developed neck and the horse use his back and neck better at work.

The conclusions of Simone after the muscle control were: Neck Muscles in the top line are better developed and also this has a beneficial effect on the back muscles. Mainly to the transition pelvis – hindquarters. It was looser and easier to bend so that the confinement is easier. Actually was noticed that over the whole body the muscles were relaxed and were much finer editing. This was reflected in the faster and smoother able to ask the individual muscle groups. The biggest difference was at the right front. Although the training was made heavier, there was hardly something to feel back in the neck muscles. These were not as sour and hard as normal. This indicates that the magnetic field therapy treatment according to Simone ensures that the waste is disposed better, and thus the horse can move more easily .

Conclusion: This is just the result of a trial with 1 horse, of course no hard conclusion can be drawn. However it is clear that this horse is better developed

User Experience

Today super great day. For the first time worked with the whole magnetic therapy blanket  (Therapulse) of MagnaCare. It went very well simoneand the horses were more relaxed and loose as with a normal treatment. Therefor I was able to treat better with less negative reactions in the horses. So they are more relaxed during the sports massage treatments, which gives a greater result! Most of them had some trouble to to let go the environment and relax, but after about 10 minutes it worked fine!

therapulse en neckpiece
Simone Bruys
sport horse masseur

After my horse has fallen in the stables, he had bruises all over his body and he was very stiff and experienced a lot of pain. After the first period with pain relief and restoration of bruises, we started with the magnetic therapy of MagnaCare. It's nice that you can rent the Centurion Therapulse magnetic field therapy blanket too. It as brought along, and there was a clear explanation about magnetic therapy and how the blanket should be used. Partly due to the daily use of the Centurion Therapulse my horse has recovered faster than when we wouldn't have used the blanket.

I noticed that my horse was becoming very relaxed during treatments. At least he seemed to have a good feeling when the blanket lay on his body and did his job. His muscle tone was less and the movements became smoother.

At a later tendon injury, I've dialy used a daily time use of the Minipulse. This treatment has also been effective. At the next ultrasound the vet was positively surprised by the apparent recovery of the tendon.

Fortunately, we are now injury free, but if something happened again, I will, because I have a positive experience with this, definitely coming back to apply magnetic therapy.

therapulse magneetveld therapie
Netty van Nielen

I accidentally came into contact with the magnetic blanket of MagnaCare. For school I had an internship at a horse farm, here I met Arja. After much talking about my horse and the problems that I experienced, Arja told me about the magnetic blanket.

ll just briefly tell what problems I ran into with my horse.

While riding, she stopped just sometimes, it seemed as if she said I can't do it. Good ,because you can't determine after one time, whether it is behavior or body problems, I ride for a while. There was in the long run nothing to do with her, once I went to the right hand or give a right leg, she just stopped. At the same time she slowly built up some muscles ,but she got rid of it quickly. Arja suggested to try the magnetic blanket, because it could be a physical problem could be. I started the blanket in combination a treatment by a sports masseur. These confirmed the problems in the body, decent acidity in her right hamstring and some other issues. After the first treatment of the masseur and four weeks of using the blanket, it went already a lot better. My horse clearly felt better, has more energy and gave a better feeling while riding. When the masseur visit for the second time, she was already a lot stronger in her musculature and the really big problems in her body were a lot less. My horse also find the blanket delicious, she is always having a nap when the blanket on her back. I like to see how my horse improves since I use the blanket.

therapulse en neckpiece
Priscila Morlog

Some time ago, after much searching a tough shoulder injury was found with my horse Univer. The ligament left that holds the muscles together, was damaged. This injury may arise, because he was doing to crazy when he turned out in the land. The injury is so rare that the vet has consulted specialists in Germany. Unfortunately the injury was known to heal as enormously stubborn and difficult. The advive was: lots of straight riding. However: Univer is not a horse to long to put at rest, or quietly trot along a straight line. That matches not with his character.

Someone tip me to contact with Arja. From the beginning she has thought very well with me and gave advice what would best suit his injury. So we came up with the Therapulse. The advantage of the Therapulse is that you can attach it so, just so you can properly treat the problem areas.

Univer is a huge sensible horse and very shaky on his body. Putting up a blanket, which emits vibrations, is not something you can easily do. The first 2x it must be done very carafully, but as soon that the blanket is was up, it was fine. After a few days he was just lrelax in its box with the Therapulse. I dare therefore say that if he accepts the therapulse, every horse will find this fine!

Ultimately, the injury, by the better blood flow because of the Therapulse, heal faster than previously predicted and Univer had no more trouble of his shoulder injury. Recommended! Especially since you can do this yourself every day, making it easy to fit in.