Rental of Centurion therapy equipment

Besides that we  sell the equipment, there is also a possibility to rent the equipment indefinitely. This can be to treat a short term problem, but you can also  rent the equipment to try it out before purchasing it.

The minimum rental period is one month and can be extended by one month at a time. In this way, the equipment can be rented for the time needed. Do you like the equipment so well that you want to buy it, then the first 3 months rent are fully credited against the purchase price. In that way you can experience our products  for a short period and by trying it out on certain problems, you can see for yourself how the Centurion therapy products can be your situation.


In addition, there is a possibility to continue renting the equipment. In that case, from the 4 month on, 80% of the rental price will be deducted from the purchase price. You can continue to rent until the machine is completely paid off. But even then the possibility remains to return the machine at the end of each month, or to pay the remaining amount at once and to buy the machine directly.




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