tapotyTapotement therapie use the Centurion Tapoty to supply a steady, pulsed acupressure unique to the equine massage field. While other massage equipment sold for horses relies on vibratory cyclonic action (a vibration parallel to the muscle tissue sending most energy radiating sideways from the treatment area),the Tapoty penetrates  perpendicular to the muscle for deep relief. This percussive action effectively ‘kneads’ muscle tissue, breaking down stiffness and tension and allowing the treated muscles to return to normal range and motion. Tapotement therapy penetrates into deeper tissue supplying your horse with:
  • a more limber and supple body
  • improved muscle tonea
  • more relaxed nervous system
  • better overall functioning of muscles and joints
Tapoty reduces the typical equine massage by hand from one hour down to only 15 minutens. This makes a Tapoty massage a very time effective way to give your horse an enjoyable and therapeutic massage. Tapoty is ideal for horses in training or competition, recovering from an injury and those who are nervous or ‘sour’. Tapoty relieves muscles aches and relaxes improving the attitude of difficult horses. Also, Tapotement therapy is great for horses that don’t get enough exercise or those who just need some pampering. For animals that are forced to remain inactive because of injury, illness or age, massage can be a mild form of exercise for their muscles and joints.

The benefits of using the Tapoty

  • Increases blood supply & nutrition to the muscles
  • Speeds up the recovery processPaard met pijlen
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Dilates blood vessels & improves circulation
  • Hastens elimination of harmful by-products
  • Helps reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Can compensate, in part for lack of exercise in horses who are inactive due to age, illness or injury
  • Improves muscle tone