For horses with respiratory problems, we have the Centurion Transpirator. This therapy provides relief for respiratory problems and improves impaired performance by obstructed airways or through airway fluid loss. By working on the mucus coating of the longs, the Centurion Transpirator helps to eliminate excessive amount of mucus along with any bacteria. Common breathing problems due to bronchitis, viruses and colds can be quickly improved using Transpirator therapy. The horses with allergy to the respiratory tract also benefit greatly from treatment with the Transpirator. Despite the fact that the cause of allergy is often not taken away, the Transpirator gives such an improvement that the horse can perform much better.

Deep, powerful therapy

The Transpirator delivers pure water vapor, at a precisely controlled temperature, into the entire respiratory tract. It does not provide little water droplets, as a nebulizer does, which can only reach the upper respiration areas, but air, saturated to 100% humidity, which penetrates into the deepest and smallest airways. Over 300 liters per minute of soothing water vapor is delivered for therapeutic benefits for your horse. A healthy, well hydrated respiratory tract is the first line of defense against respiratory agents.

Use of the Centurion Transpirator for:


  • Respiratory conditioning of healthy horses
  • Promoting mucous clearance and reducing resistance to air movement in the bronchioles and other passages in the lungs
  • To help with bleederstranspirator

The Transpirator is designed for use with all breeds of horse, from foals to adults. The air output is saturated to 100% relative humidity at 40oC +/- 1.5 oC. The flow rate is also fixed, exceeding the peak inhalation flow rate of the largest, resting  horse. In other words, the water vapor concentration and temperature of inspired air are always the same, regardless of the horse’s size.

The heated and humidified air is administrated by an open Muzzle Mask such that air velocity and flow noise will not disturb the horse and such that the horse can breathe comfortably and safely in the event of flow interruption, e.g. power failure.

During treatment, the upper airways do not have to supply heat to warm inhaled air or water vapor to humidify it because the air delivered to the horse is already warmed and humidified slightly above normal body temperature conditions. This prevents airway heat and water loss and deposits a thin film of condensation on the walls of the respiratory tract. Retained and condensed water thins the mucous blanket, dissolves mucous plugs and promotes mukoziliare clearance.


The Transpirator can not be used to administer drugs because it adds only water vapor to delivered air. Transpirator treatment may be recommended by your veterinarian. It is not a cure for disease or infection problems and it is not intended to replace drug or antibiotic therapies. Its only functions are to help clear secretions and to help hydrate the airways.


The Transpirator is not a nebulizer. Nebulisers deliver aerosol particles of water or medication, whereas the Transpirator system delivers only vapor (gas) phase water. Aerosol particles cannot penetrate into the small bronchioles of the lung and cannot humidify inhalation until the evaporate. This require energy from the horse. Hence a nebulizer will tend to cool the airways rather than warm them as the Transpirator does.


A horse’s respiratory function can be improved using RespiraSilver with a Centurion Transpirator II. Silver inhalation eliminates infections in the respiratory tract by generating reactive oxygen species and is active against all types of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses. RespiraSilver is a Solution which can kill hundreds of different infectious microorganisms — including many of the antibiotic resistant super pathogens.

RespiraSilver solution is a safe, non-toxic, natural solution which contains silver ions that attach themselves to an enzyme receptor site on the outer shell of pathogenic microorganisms and kills them within 4 – 6 minutes by preventing the uptake of oxygen. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, RespiraSilver does not effect beneficial enzymes and tissue-cell enzymes are left intact.


User Experience

I would like to share my experience with the transpirator. My horse had been sick since 21 July, initially it seemed a cold but due to green snot and raising temperture, I immediately call the vet. From him we received mucosalizers, ventipulmin and tubes antibiotics for three days. My horse seemed to recover quick and after the antibiotics it seemed to looks okay. However, two days after stopping the cure, she got ill again. Again we got antibiotics, this time for a week. Again she recover and it seemed to be over. Now we had to wait for two weeks, but after a week she got sick again and began to cough. We then received a Prednison cure, but after two days Prednison she became sicker instead of better. Then the internist in Belgium was informed, he visit us same day to make a scope of the airways. The internist stepped back because of the very bad look of the inside. That my horse was still on her legs, looked so florist and that she still live was a miracle. Everything went on culture, blood, mucus, etc. Unfortunately, no cause was found, only a consequence and that was a heavy pneumonia. She received penicillin and gentamycin for five days, we started with mucous solvents and had to continue with Ventipulmin. After three days she was the old one again. I was so relieved and happy because I was so afraid to lose her. After the five-day cure we continued with the mucous solvents and ventipulmin and after three weeks we had to make a new scope again. It looked good at the scope but there were still some small remains in the trachea, a residue was taken away and put on cultivation. In the meanwhile we had to start again with the mucous solvents and the Ventipulmin. The result was good; no bacteria anymore. Two days later she was sick again, with urgency we were expected at the clinic. I had to prepare to lose her maybe. Again, a scope was made and turned out that she had it all back, almost as bad as the very first time. Everything was captured and raised again. On all that could be tested was tested, it was a free job for the laboratory. Immediately they started the injections, hoping that it would be better soon, this was the only thing we could do. After two days she was again the old one and on the fourth day, the internist and the vet came to the conclusion ..... Nothing found. The theory was that she had an unidentified lung disease. The injections stopped, she was put for a month on the flixotide nebulization, and continue for three weeks with mucous solvent and ventipulmin. She remained stable tbut remaining a lot of mucus. At jumping indoor Maastricht I meet MagnaCare, I thought about it for two days, to go on wit how do we proceed now,was not an optiion. The moment we almost finished the nebula, I called Arja immediately and ordered the transpirator to rent. I immediately picked it up and started the same day with the transpirator. My horse was absolutely not afraid of the muzzle and the tube and also the vapor did not care her, she loved it. For a week I have use the transpirator for an hour every day, after that week I used it for a week half an hour every day, the week after, five times half an hour and the week after that four days a half hour and the last week I used it twice for half an hour. After having using the transpirator twice an hour, she did not cough anymore. During the treatment with the transpirator a lot of mucus loosened, so it ran through the nose and pulled out. After the treatment, bringing her to the meadow I had to wear my raincoat because when she breeze there was so much mucus and snot that came loose by the Transpirator that I was coverd all over. My husband even ones had to bring me clean pants. When we stopped with the transpirator, she was fit vividly, shine and she had no running nose anymore. I was ver afraid that she would get sick again when we stopped, but I think we had nailed a long time. My horse is still happy and does not cough and does not have a running nose. Without the transpirator it was very different, this machine has really worked well and cleared the troop. I'm so glad that this machine is also in the rental at MagnaCare.
Jeantine Verwiel
paard aan transpirator
slijmafvoer na gebruik transpirator