New Controller

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From now on the Therapulse and the Neckpiece are delivered with the new controller. This has a digital display and no big knobs anymore. Anyone who has an old controller can choose to replace this with the new one.

Chicken on magnetic field

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With us on the stable a chicken had come under a horse by an unfortunate action of herself. The result was a thick leg where she could not walk on. We have let her for a few days, but the chicken did not want to walk or stand on the paw. Because we used to […]

Guinea pig on magnetic field

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John, John is a 2.5 year guinea pig. John suddenly walked on three legs and when he sat still, he raised his right forehead from the ground. He turned out to have broken his right elbow. We’ve put John in the magnet field for the first three weeks two a day for thirty minutes. After […]


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In the rehabilitation phase after a lameness, it is good to continue to support withmagnetic field therapy. You easily can put the minipulse around the leg or put the horse on the hoofpad during the time needed for grooming, etc.


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Today we rented a hoofpad for a fjord with laminitis. At the acute stage, magnetic field therapy helps to inhibit inflammation and reduce pain. In addition, the medicines administered work more efficiently. Experience has shown that this can prevent the coffin bone from tipping.


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Wounds on the foot pads of dogs can be cured very nicely with the laser. Within a few days, the wound is usually recovered very well.

Equestrian sport

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Have you seen equestrian sport products or dog collars from HB ruitersport at our booth recently and are you interested in this? These products can be ordered from our webshop. Unfortunately, not all products in the webshop are yet to be processed. Please send an email or call if you want a particular article or […]