Achtergrond informatie over magneetveldtherapie

Wetenschappelijke artikelen

York Central Hospital Study

A study to compare the effects on pain and swelling using conventional treatment versus the Centurion magnetic therapy system

Mechanistic effects of PEMF

Unraveling the mechanistic effects of PEMF stimulation towards directing stem cell fate and
function: A tissue engineering perspective

Pilot Study

PEMF Alleviates Systems of Osteoarthritis

NASA Study on PEMF

Physiological and molecular genetic effects of time-varying electromagnetic fiels on human neuronal cells

Schumann Resonance 

Schumann Resonance (The Fifth Element)

Case Study

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Relieves Pleural Effusion Following Open Heart Surgery

Interactions with Living Tissue

Interactions of Low-Frequency, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields with Living Tissue: Biochemical Responses and Clinical Results 

Parkinson’s disease

Mechanisms and therapeutic applications of electromagnetic therapy in Parkinson’s disease

PEMF therapy for management of osteoarthritis-related pain, stiffness and physical function: clinical experience in the elderly

Multiple sclerosis

Effects of a pulsed electromagnetic therapy on multiple sclerosis fatigue and quality of life: a double-blind, placebo controlled trial.

Achilles tendinopathy

Pulsed electromagnetic fields improve the
healing process of Achilles tendinopathy