Magnetic Field Therapy is a kind of physiotherapy, often used for treatment or preventing of problems as bowed tendons, fractures and backproblems in human, horses and dogs (and other animals). Magnetic Field Therapy can be done with ‘normal’, non-moving magnets. applied in blankets or leg wraps. Much more effective is however therapy with pulsed magnetic fields. This form of therapy is used by vets and physiotherapists. But also riders and owners can do a lot themselves with this from of therapy, whether or not in consultation with vet or physiotherapist.

Magnetic are not new to our body. Everywhere on earth is a magnetic field. This magnetic field has such an influence on our body, that we can’t live without it (think about the first astronauts: returning back to earth that couldn’t walked for the first couple of days.¬† ¬†Magnetic fields have been used for centuries as a cure.

Pulsed magnetic field (PMF) therapy uses electric current flowing through a coil. This causes a magnetic field. By turning this power on and off at a certain frequency, we also get a magnetic field that goes on and off or pulses. The frequency of the pulses determines the effect of the therapy. On the one hand, we can inhibit pain and inflammation. And on the other hand, we can correct blood flow and metabolism by increasing the frequency. This helps the body cure faster. Pulsed magnetic field therapy penetrates all the cells of the body. This has an influence on the electrically charged particles (ions). ion transport in een celIn a healthy cell, an electrical voltage of about 90 mV is caused by the transport of the ions, which supplies the cell with nutrients and oxygen. In the first (acute) stage of injury, this electric voltage is increased. We notice this as warmth. If the ions in and around the cell end up in a pulsating magnetic field, they will be affected by the pace of the pulses. With a slow pulsating magnetic field, we can lower the electrical voltage to a normal level. We hereby inhibit pain and inflammation. We can compare this a little with cooling with ice or water, only the effect is many times bigger. In addition, this slow setting causes the brain to make endorphin, which makes people and animals clearly relax. After about 15 minutes, this can often be seen by the horse hanging on its head and sometimes yawning or dung, dogs are often lying lung, and as a human you will experience relaxation and sometimes falling asleep. At the later stage (chronic) of the injury, if the heat from the injury has disappeared, but the problem still exists, the electirc voltage in the cell has just been reduced. The ion transport has slow down. By handling this stage with a faster pulsating magnetic field, we return the ion transport and voltage back to the normal level. We improve the metabolism and blood flow through this magnetic field. The cell receives more nutrients and the waste products can be disposed of better. This makes the healing process faster. The ion exchange is also responsible for the oxygen consumption of the cell. A pulsating magnetic field can affect ion exchange at cell level and thereby improve oxygen consumption of diseased or damaged cells. This is the main reason why magnetic field therapy can reduce pain almost immediately. Magnetic field therapy can therefore be used in many problems, including:
  • Orthopedic conditions – fracture and bone damage condition
  • Open wounds and circulatory problems
  • Soft tissue problems – sore backs, muscle tightness and body soreness
  • Tendon injuries
  • Acute inflammation
  • Chronic pain
MaMagnetic field therapy is also used by very many top athletes to keep the horse in optimal shape. For each horse it is good to be treated after a heavy training or contest to assist in the disposal of waste products. This makes stiffness the next dayfar less. Especially during multi-day competitions we see that many riders are using this. In dogs, we also see that magnetic field therapy is used in this way to prevent injuries MMagnetic field therapy is also used to relax the horse (or dog or human) for work. Excessive hot horses become somewhat calmer and the horses leave the back muscles a little loose, so it is easier to get started with the work. This relaxing treatment at the low frequency is applied by many dressage riders. The higher frequencies are also used before work, but this is just for horses who need to give explosive energy. MMagnetic fields can not be stopped. This means that all parts of the body can be reached. Only the power of the magnetic field determines how deep the effect is. This is in contrast to many other therapies that often can not penetrate into, for example, bones. Magnetic fields penetrate even through gypsum. Metal implants are not affected, so bone fractures with a pen or put into the plaster can also be treated. Neither do bandages or blankets stop magnetic fields. A treatment usually takes thirty minutes. The therapeutic effect of treatment is present for approximately six to eight hours. This means that multiple treatments are usually required during injuries. After five to ten days, treatment can be reduced to one treatment per day or every other day. In chronic or extremely difficult cases this may take longer. Experience with the application of this therapy has shown that the healing time of many of the “normal” injuries is greatly reduced. In addition, it has been shown to be a possible therapy for those patients who do not benefit from other therapies or for patients who suffer from the side effects of other therapies  
The following heat images are made of a horse with kissed spines and stretched lenders muscles. The horse was treated at a frequency of 2 Hz for 40 minutes. It is good to see that despite the fact that the horse has had a blanket on his back during that time the warmth of the hotspots is clearly reduced
warmtebeeld voor magneetveld therapie
warmtebeeld na magneetveld therapie

For the application of magnetic field therapy we have several options:



The Centurion Minipulse is the best-known and most widely used device for pulsating magnetic field therapy. It is made to do around the lower leg and to the horse's hock. But is also very useful for (smaller) dogs or arms or legs of people.



The Neckpiece is intended for the neck of a horse. But can also be used for the back of a horse or dog. The Neckpiece works on a rechargeable battery and is quite lightweight. This makes it very easy to use. Along both sides of the neck are two coils in which the magnetic field is generated.



The Therapulse is used in both horses with back problems and for the general maintenance of sports horses. The Therapulse can be used both before and after work, depending on the desired result. The use of the Therapulse in healthy (sport) horses prevents / reduces acidification. This can prevent overload problems.


4PH | 9PH | Hoofpad

Most Centurion machines work on one or more batteries. Centurion also has two machines to be connected to the powersupply; This makes them even more powerful and flexible in use. In addition, on both the hoofpad, for treatment of problems in the hoof and underfoot can be connected.

EZY magneetveld systeem


The Centurion EZY system is designed for people, but also dogs and other small pets can be treated well. The most used form of the EZY is a ring that can be placed around a part of the body. With the latest technology, the system is lighter and easier than the older models and can be used there where it is needed.

User Experience

To begin with, I will briefly introduce myself. I'm Kim Vogelaar-Vroegop. I'm working since 2006 as a physiotherapist and since 2009 also as animal physiotherapist. Because a horse at our stables had a tendon injury, I came into contact with Magnacare. I have seen good results of magnetic therapy in different animals and owners. During my training and work as a physiotherapist I noticed that very little use was made of this beautiful method of treatment. In 2009 I started as an animal physiotherapist and I was given the opportunity to apply magnetic therapy. Since 2012 I have my own practice where I can treat dogs. Since then I basically treat each dog on magnetic field. I put the carpet under my treatment mat, so I can combine the two therapies very nice, with good results. Especially in animals that have a lot of pain, as with a hernia, you really take away the pain and relax the animal. These owners I recommend therefore always to hire magnetic field, so that the animal can take full advantage of.
In short, I have been working for several years with full satisfaction with Magnacare with many different animals.
EZY mat
Kim Vogelaar-Vroegop